Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hilltop X-country Ski Trails

In Anchorage we treat everyday like this one as if it is summer... because it very well could rain tomorrow and through September, you just don't know. I forgot you could get a sunburn here! We had a lot of little independent hikers who didn't quite keep up with the adults carrying babes in packs, but there speed was impressive none-the-less.

When salmon are running this trail is known for bears, but as they haven't started their annual migration up stream and our pack makes a lot of noise I wasn't too worried. It is jogging stroller friendly, but there are quite a few large rolling hills that provide the parent a good butt burning work out pushing the buggy up and over.

After the trek we basked in the sun, ate snacks and the "bigger" kids played on a dirt mound. If I didn't know a nap was eminent I would have loved to stay and linger longer.

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