Sunday, May 15, 2011

Point Worozof and the Coastal Trail

I knew it would be a glorious morning for a trek today when I saw my pups sprawled out basking in the rays of sunlight streaming through the big windows of our little house. The trail would not disappoint! While pulling up to the trailhead of the Coastal Trail from Point Worozof Denali & Foraker were looming over Cook Inlet. Someone is summiting Denali this morning! While our trek isn’t nearly as strenuous as climbing “The Big One” it seems like getting kids out for a morning trek sometimes takes as much preparation.
Mt. Susitna a.k.a. the Sleeping Lady
We hiked for a little more than an hour. There were about 35 trekkers out, including moms, dads, babes, toddlers, an aunt, preschoolers and a grandma. We broke into smaller packs along the trail with some parents with little ones in strollers & packs moving at a quicker speed and others with toddlers traveling under their own power bringing up the rear. Some of the preschoolers were riding their own bikes.
If you look close you'll see Foraker & Denali (Mt. McKinley).
Point Worozof is at the very west end of Northern Lights Blvd., located right at the end of the runway for Ted Stevens International Airport. Its beach likes on the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail, between Kincaid Park and Earthquake park. We headed through the woods toward the south and Kincaid Park. There are many benches and look outs over Cook Inlet along the way. There were many moose sightings, the chirping of birds loud and sandhill cranes squawking as they flew overhead.

At the end of the hike many headed down to the beach for a picnic as the large jets took off into the sky overhead. Their loud noise a bit too much for my Little Bear, but very exciting for many of the other bigger kids.

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