Thursday, August 12, 2010

Berry Picking in Arctic Valley

Not a whole lot of hiking today. Just a lot of good mama conversations and kids playing and snacking in the great outdoors. Fall has definitely arrived in Alaska. It was a bit chilly. The blueberries were about a week away from perfection. The crow berries were perfect. Can't wait till we pick berries in Hatcher Pass in a couple of weeks!

I think Susie is going to organize a hike in the next two weeks while I'm out of town. You can find that info at Anchorage Parents of Infants and Toddlers

Monday, August 9, 2010

Performance Ergo

YAY! The new Performance Ergo Carrier is in. Who wants to be the first to try it out at Thursday's hike? It is Amazing! I think they must of had us in mind when they designed it.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Alaskan Berry Recipe Exchange

Bring about a dozen copies of your favorite Alaskan berry recipe and we'll trade them when berry picking at the next week's hike & berry picking at Arctic Valley.

Bird to Gird(wood) Trail

What a spectacular day it turned out to be despite the gloom in town! About midway through the stroll it stopped raining and the sun was out for the kids to play when we got back to Bird Point. We had another new mama join us! As always we there was great conversations to be had. It is always nice to be around other parents to know you are not alone in your daily joys and trials.

Thanks for the fantastic group shot Susie - you are officially our group's photographer!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Change in Trail

There has been a Sow & 3 brown bear cubs spotted on trails very close to the one planned for tomorrow's hike. It is a stroller friendly week any suggestions/requests for a new trail? I'll post the new trail by 5 tonight.

New Trail - The Bird to Gird(wood) Trail - This is a paved Stroller Friendly trail. We will not do the whole trail as it is 13+ miles. Like always we'll just see how far the group wants to go. Thanks Lia for the great suggestion!

TO TRAILHEAD: From Northern Lights Blvd. and the Seward Hwy., head south on AK 1/Seward Hwy. In 29.3 miles, turn right into the large parking area at Bird Point.

Babes in The Woods Class

Jen Aist, author of Babes in the Woods: Hiking, Boating, Camping with Babies and Small Children is is going to be teaching another class at REI on on August 11 from 6-7:30pm. This is a fantastic class! Many of the other parents in the hiking groups and I have taken it. For more info go to

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bike or Hikes

I was thinking about adding a few bike riding options in before the snow falls. I was thinking that maybe on the stroller friendly days we could add the bike option in the mix. I've emailed a few baby bike trailer companies to see if they might donate one to the group so we can all get a chance to try them out before such a big investment is made.

Thank You TogetherBe Baby!

TogetherBe Baby, maker of the Peekaru Vest is sending us a medium sized vest to try out. These work well with many different kinds of baby carriers. I'll have it available to try on hikes as soon as it arrives.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Hip Hip Horay! Thanks ERGObaby!

Ergo is going to send our group one of their brand spanking new Performance Carriers, specifically designed for our kind of hiking. I will have this Ergo, along with my organic one on all the hikes. If you'd like to try either out just drop me an email so I can reserve it for you.

I should note that this product hasn't shipped yet. I'll post  again as soon as it arrives.

Thank You ERGObaby!