Thursday, October 25, 2012

On Hiatus

Taiga Trekkers will be on hiatus for the next couple of weeks as neither myself (Harmony) or Amanda will be available to run the hikes. There are Open hikes available on the Anchorage Outdoor Family Network for members to choose the location to keep on Trekking in our absence. Amanda will be available again in a few weeks and my family and I should (fingers crossed) be back from Kodiak in time for Christmas. We are desperately looking forward to hitting the trails again with our old friends and meeting some new ones.

Organizing one of the "Open Hikes" is a great and easy way to fulfill your 1 AOFN event per year obligation.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Campbell Creek Trails - Lynx and Coyote Trails

 It was a bit chilly this morning at the Campbell Creek Science Center.  The trailhead parking lot is right off of Elmore.  I think the temperature was about 16 degrees.  Two other families joined us on a hike on the Lynx, Coyote and then Moose Track Trails.  We did have to stop at this stop sign as the trail crosses an active runway.  I love Alaska!

 The kids all stayed toasty and bundled up in their winter clothes. Only one little guy asked to get out of his blankets and walk.  Three of others fell asleep.  I think the combination of cool, fresh air and warm clothes makes people (adults included) tired.  Don't you love that stroller on the Left?  Bunkbed on wheels!

 The cold day did mean that we had beautiful sunny skies for our walk.  The loop took us about 45 minutes and was perfect for our mobile little group.  The trail is one lane most of the way, but winds through amazing trees.

You can walk forever back here.  This sign pointed many different way, but we opted to head back on a short loop.  I can't wait for ski season and these trails are going to be perfect for toddler skiers. 

If you have a favorite trek, please sign up on the AOFN site to host a walk.  You just have to pick the hike and point us in the right direction.  No pressure! 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Powerline pass--- above the cloud line

Yes, those trees and grass are covered in ice!

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day for one of my favorite in town hikes-- Powerline pass. No matter the season, you always have terrific things to explore and look at. Over 12 families joined us today with a good mix of walking toddlers, riding babes and stroller jumpers. When we started it was 30 degrees F! Some went further than others while others were waylaid by icy puddles.

Drive up to the hike

Sunshine the minute we hit the parking lot!

Heading up to the hike was through clouds, though the sky opened up to a clear blue upon arriving. It is always such a treat when this happens! The foliage was coated with ice and there were icy spots on both the road and trail. Puddles were stomped in (and through), rain pants were donned and layering was tested. A group of the kiddos enjoyed a bit of a pre climb on the rocks by the parking lot!

Part of the trail to Powerline Pass is closed for construction (the lower part), so make sure to follow the detour signs and take the higher trail. It still leads to the same place, though is wider and flatter than the lower counterpart.

Rain pants were donned shortly after

Trying to persuade kids to NOT eat icy dirt

One you reach Powerline pass, it is like the entire sky opens up to mountains and open spaces. If you haven't hiked here before, make sure to turn RIGHT to head down the large sloping decline. Left is very steep and is not advisable for little ones!

Heading down Powerline Pass

 It was an incredible day to be out in nature and to enjoy some practice with layering. I didn't hear any complaints with lined jeans, mittens and hats this morning!

Directions: From the Seward Highway, take O'Malley Rd toward the mountains.
Right onto Hillside Dr (there will be a brown Chugach Park sign). Left onto upper Huffman (there is a church on your right and a brown sign pointing to the left). Right onto Toilsome Drive (there is another brown sign pointing to Glen Alps trailhead) and it weaves around and the lot is on the left and there is a sign (Chugach park--- $5 state parking fee applies if you do not have the yearly pass)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Kincaid Park: x-country ski trails

Kincaid Park is the perfect place to meander on ski trails---- there are SO many of them you will never get bored!

Because of the windy nature of the day, we chose to do the 'munchkin' loop from the Tuesday Night Races series. Kiddos alternated between strollers,

I wanted a Honeycrisp NOT a Pink Lady (apple)

and rolling down hills themselves!

The trees were good wind protection once we were out of the open Chalet area. We went across the bridge (at the right end of the parking lot) and straight down to the trails. After taking the right path, we turned right again and followed the circle back to the parking lot. It was a little over a mile, if my calculations were correct. It was enough for the kiddos in the weather!

The wind picked up at the end as we scurried to cars and abandoned our plans to play at the playground behind the chalet.

So much room to run!

These types of days are hard to call dressing wise--- but layers always seem to be the best and most successful option. We took off layers, put them on and repeated all over again. Never a bad thing to do in this 'shoulder season!'

Fleece, please!
 Directions: Take Raspberry Road west all the way to the end. You will reach a Kincaid Park sign--- keep going through (25 mph or less!) and drive all the way down to the end. You will see a large parking lot by the Chalet. Park on the right side of the lot, cross the wooden bridge, and down to the x-country trails. There are multiple trail maps as you go along. Remember, they are only multi use in the summer/fall. Once the snow hits, they are SKI ONLY.