Thursday, October 18, 2012

Campbell Creek Trails - Lynx and Coyote Trails

 It was a bit chilly this morning at the Campbell Creek Science Center.  The trailhead parking lot is right off of Elmore.  I think the temperature was about 16 degrees.  Two other families joined us on a hike on the Lynx, Coyote and then Moose Track Trails.  We did have to stop at this stop sign as the trail crosses an active runway.  I love Alaska!

 The kids all stayed toasty and bundled up in their winter clothes. Only one little guy asked to get out of his blankets and walk.  Three of others fell asleep.  I think the combination of cool, fresh air and warm clothes makes people (adults included) tired.  Don't you love that stroller on the Left?  Bunkbed on wheels!

 The cold day did mean that we had beautiful sunny skies for our walk.  The loop took us about 45 minutes and was perfect for our mobile little group.  The trail is one lane most of the way, but winds through amazing trees.

You can walk forever back here.  This sign pointed many different way, but we opted to head back on a short loop.  I can't wait for ski season and these trails are going to be perfect for toddler skiers. 

If you have a favorite trek, please sign up on the AOFN site to host a walk.  You just have to pick the hike and point us in the right direction.  No pressure! 

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