Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ship Creek Trail

About 17 parents + 1 friend +1 grandma/sherpa + 22 kids beautiful weather + a moose+ salmon swimming up stream+ a new trail + 5.5 miles of exercise and fresh air = a fantastic morning!
Ship Creek is a new trail for both me and the Taiga Trekkers. We began at William Tyson Elementary and  turn around under the C st Bridge, downtown, all the while meadering along Ship Creek on a paved bike trail that links to the Coastal Trail. 
On the way there there was mostly blue sky, but a few drops of rain hit my windshield. I was wondering if this amazing stretch of weather would hold out another day for us, the weather forecast wasn't so sure, but mother nature seems to be on our side. Salmon were spotted in the creek, a moose made its way off the trail for us, the Chugach Mountains loomed in the near distance and wildflowers decorated the shoulder, making it a perfect morning in Anchorage, Alaska. It was so nice to meet new parents and kids.
Next week we will have a giveaway: The first five people to RSVP "Yes" to next week's Trek (7/28/11) will get a free craft kit from Green Kid Crafts, a local business owned and operated by two wonderful Taiga Trekker mamas! You have to be there to pick it up. Thanks Penny & Sue!
You may have noticed that we no longer post upcoming Treks on this site and direct everyone to RSVP at the Anchorage Outdoor Family Network. We did this for two reasons. 1) It is really helpful to get an idea of how many people are coming and we can wait for those who might be running a few minutes late. 2) There's the added security for our children that the locations are only viewable by members of AOFN.
Here's the data from the trail (I actually remembered to turn it on when we started today!).

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Twin Peaks Trail

Of course I forgot to turn the Garmin until about 2/3rds of the way up... again... but here's the data (we started where we stopped).

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Campbell Creek Trail from Taku Lake Park

We took off on another fabulous section off the paved trail network that weaves its way all around Anchorage's greenbelt system. This town's trail system/bike path is phenomenal and an environmentalist's dream. It allows those who take advantage of it so many opportunities. My husband has rarely used his truck in weeks, preferring to ride his bike or run to work on it. You never have to deal with the inherent danger of crossing a road once (a huge relief for parents). Their are either bridges or tunnels that steer you clear of busy intersections and thoroughfares.

We had all sorts of hikers today and ages from 10 months to 35 years of age, 9 kiddos and 7 parents. This particular section of the trail begins at Taku lake, tucked away at the corner of 76th and King Streets. You'd never guess that it sits there in an area where retail stores meet industrial parks and a residential neighborhood. The lake appears stocked with fish, but swimming is not allowed (signs say so). We walked along the north side of the lake heading west, where the Campbell Creek Trail meandered, you guessed it, along Campbell Creek. Many of the "older" kids on today's trek did a substantial amount of their trail on their own two feet. On the way back we encountered two young moose, but they seemed totally uninterested in us. There where a little more then 4 miles covered. Toward the the kids played at a sweet little playground and we picnicked.

Every other week is a stroller friendly trail. Join us next week as we head UP the Twin Peaks Trail in Eklutna. Please RSVP by clicking the Anchorage Outdoor Family Network's link.

Of course I didn't start the Garmin at the car... I started it about 2/3rds of the way out, but we started where we ended and here's the data: