Friday, October 22, 2010

Mountain Blue Eyes Nursing Fleece Giveaway

We will be giving away this small black nursing fleece from Mountain Blue Eyes, makers of active wear for breastfeeding mothers. Mountain Blue Eyes products can be found locally at The Nursing Boutique at Providence Hospital.

We ask that winner of this great piece of gear write a review for the site which I will also send to the manufacturer.

Here's how to enter:

  1. You get one entry for becoming a member of  the Anchorage Outdoor Family Network
  2. You get one entry RSVP (Yes or No) to either next week's (10/28/10) Taiga Trek or the upcoming Family Weekend Hike on November 13th on the AOFN site .
  3. You get one additional entry for coming to next week's Trek.
  4. Get an extra entry for becoming a follower of this blog and posting a comment about what activities you would wear a fleece like this for.
Entries must be in by 9pm (Alaska time) November 10th 2010. The winner will be announced on Thursday, November 11th.


  1. This would be great for keeping mama warm during the middle of the night nursing sessions when camping!

  2. Would be ideal for those long hikes where you don't necessarily want to stop (or can't find a place to sit). Nothing says "active mama" like one nursing on the go! :)

  3. I think this fleece would be perfect when cross country skiing! I'm not really looking forward to exposing my whole belly while I breastfeed. This fleece would totally solve that problem!

  4. Well it'd be great on a Taiga Trekker hike of course. :) But also I second Sara, it'd be great while out skiing since the little ones need to eat a lot to help stay warm!

  5. Ummmm...everything! I think I might like it best for camping in the summer and ski-in cabin trips during the winter. I can lounge in fleece all year round :)

  6. I could've used this when hiking for HOURS around Portage glacier last winter! This fleece would be great for outdoor Fur Rondy activities downtown. - Joclyn R.

  7. aaaah- this is so great! I could definately use this while hiking. I can usually find some privacy if I go off the trail a bit, but my belly still gets cold. :) My husband's the fella who's been showing up at the Thursday hikes with the incredibily adorable red-haired baby. Hopefully we can all make it to the family hike (and then I can get another entry;).