Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Benefits of Hiking with Your Little Ones?

I am working on writing an article to submit to Mothering Magazine about the importance of getting outside and hiking with your child. How has hiking with your munchkin helped you? How has it benefitted your child? What are the challenges of doing it? Does having a group to get out with help? Is it routine for your family? Please email me with your thoughts. I would like to encourage others to get there own hiking and outdoor groups going and your insight is invaluable!


  1. I started going to the hiking group as a way to meet other outdoor minded mothers. I keep going for the benefits for my children. They can be screaming around the house, climbing the walles and then immediately calm when beget outside. They love fishing, searching out orienteering controls and just sitting in the woods. I think there is an invaluable gift in showing your child ways to get outside. I might be feeling tired and too lazy to get out the pack, but they get excited when the closet opens for a hike.

  2. Well, there are the selfish reasons for doing it - getting myself exercise, "mommy time" when Nico falls asleep in the Chariot, and the fact that it gives me a semblance of normalcy as getting outside was a big part of my pre-baby life... But, the best part of being outside now is sharing it with Nico and watching his world expand. I agree with Lia that going outside can be a major attitude changer. Fresh air does wonders for Nico's overactive, grumpy, or stir crazy periods. Also, getting him outside at an early age helps establish healthy habits for later in life. Today he actually brought his boots and coat over to me and gave me a look like "get a clue, mom". Having a group makes it easier on the days that it's hard to motivate. It's also enjoyable to meet other like-minded people and their kiddos. Thanks for all the work you've put into establishing and facilitating this community Harmony!