Monday, December 27, 2010

Mountain Blue Eyes Fitted Nursing Tee Review

Amanda was one of the lucky moms who scored the Mountain Blue Eyes Fitted Nursing Tee. She's lived with it for a while and tested it out. Here is her review of the product:

After donning my new Mountain Blue Eyes active nursing top, I was first struck by the way that it hung on my figure. It was suprisingly flattering; a definite plus in a sea of bulky, boxy, nursing wear in my wardrobe. While in wintertime it isn't the most important feature, it is still a plus to feel confident in appearance with a "functional" garment.

 I was skeptical as to how it could improve on things that I had tried previously, so I set out to test it on a winter snowshoe with my family. Thirty minutes in, and under two layers of jacket and fleece, nature called my little one to nurse. It was a bit difficult to maneuver the layers of top with the layers of outerwear, though it provided an excellent "heat barrier" for me while nursing outdoors. My little one had no problem with access or feeling as if there was too much fabric going on-- something that has been of issue in the past. I also never felt the dreaded clammy sweat during our hike. The top moved well, was breathable per design, and never bunched up under my layering.

Once indoors and in a public venue, it was easier to test sans layering. The fabric was just the right density to offer coverage but light enough to not feel stuffy. Again, no issues with access once flaps were out of the way. Perhaps it is due to me having a top slightly bigger than my frame (I am a size 4 using a size M top), but the slits were a little off for my breast height. This was easy enough to maneuver around. I also was able to better appreciate how easy it was to unhook my nursing tank thanks to the neck of the top.

To summarize:

- flattering style
- excellent breathability
- great coverage for nursing-- I felt confident without my nursing cover
- no bunching!!


- price-- while I won this top from my hiking group, Taiga Trekkers, I would hazard that price may be a barrier from purchasing en masse (I have recommended it to several friends who seem hesitant at the price) 
- somewhat difficult to use under multiple layers while on the go

Thank you to Amanda for taking the time to write such a thoughtful review and to Mountain Blue Eyes for providing us with such great gear! You can find their products locally at the Nursing Boutique in the Providence Hospital Maternity Center. To learn more about Catherine, the amazing mama and owner of Mountain Blue Eyes, and read Lia's interview with her visit the Skedaddle blog.

Catherine did respond to her price point by adding this important insight: The reason my items are priced as they are is that they are manufactured locally and in smaller numbers. My manufacturer is 1.5 hours south of where my business is based, which I love because at any time I can go in to see in and see Bernard cutting my fabric and I can chat with the team of sewers to make sure things are being sewn to the highest standard. And if there is a problem with one of my items, we can fix it right away. This is something that I don't plan on changing - I think supporting a local manufacturing company is important and I love that my line is made in Canada! I love this too! 

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