Thursday, December 30, 2010

Upper O'Malley Trails

8 mamas, 9 kids, 2 grandmas, 1 grandpa and 1 pregnant aunt joined us for our last trek of 2010 and the decade! The sun was rising and, all the street lights still on, made Anchorage sparkle under its fresh coat of snow. There were great conversations, mamas and babes trying out new gear, the spoils of Christmas. In fresh snow the trail was a little more of a moderate uphill then the slight uphill I advertised it to be. Those using pulks got a butt burner of a work out. The 18 degree weather seemed like a balmy treat after last week's negative temps. Many actually had to shed a layer or two. It was even a whole 22 warmer than Tuesday's Skeedaddle playdate. Lia's mom and sister joined us and had a great strategy for the down hill decent - sledding! The bigger kiddos hopped out of their packs and walked toward the end.

Have a fantastic and safe start to your new year! Please email me if you have any trail suggestions for 2011!


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