Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cold Weather Camera Suggestions?

We are on a quest to find a great, easy to hike with digital camera that likes the cold and can handle negative temps. Often when I take pictures to document our treks, I find my camera's batter power has been sapped. On two separate occasions when the battery lost power it wiped out the memory card with it. They were amazing pictures too... My husband is also venturing to summit Denali this spring and the last thing we want to have happen is for him to summit and not to have the pictures to prove such a once in a lifetime feat. We are seeking suggestions. Please leave a recommendation in the comment section if you have info that will help us.


  1. I've been putting a toe warmer in the battery pouch of my camera case. Keeps them nice and warm and keeps the camera just warm enough to not fog up when I turn it back on. We have a Cannon Power Shot which takes great video and pretty good pics for a point and shoot. I'm really happy with it.

  2. OLYMPUS STYLUS TOUGH series. If you want a point and shoot, it's a freeze proof camera that is also drop proof and water proof and crush proof too. It's basically indestructible, just ask my 3 year old. I'll bring mine tomorrow if you want to check it out. We love it and take it everywhere with us. Mine is 7MP, we hope to upgrade soon, the only problem with an indestructible camera is that you don't ever have the excuse that it broke to buy a new one. :) Hope that helps! I think they're about $200.