Thursday, April 14, 2011

Anniversary Trek & Tail Gate Party

In Alaska it is easy to let yourself become isolated at home with your child, even in the state's largest metropolis. This group has really helped me not only enjoy why so many people come to the Last Frontier; the great outdoors, model an active lifestyle for my child, but has grounded me by connecting me to some amazing parents. Other moms & dads are a parents best resource!

We hiked for about an hour this morning on the multi-use trails in Kincaid park along Raspberry Rd. & then celebrated a year of trekking with a potluck tailgate party. Lots of yummy treats were to be had. Lia of Skedaddle was of course trying out a cool new piece of gear. We'll have to hear more about it! We were going to use the picnic table & outside pavilion at the park, but it was just too windy on the exposed hill. Some of our trekkers showed off their new walking skills. New parents and kids joined in and some came back with a new second kiddo in tow! We also heard news that a new trekker was born this week! Congrats to Susie and her family!

I also celebrated on the way home and picked up a new (off craigslist) GPS watch to record our hikes distances, elevation gain etc... Oh and maybe it will help with my half-hearted marathon training.

Sometimes the mornings don't go as planned, and some parents and kiddos had to turn around, but that's par for the course. At least they attempted. Everytime you join us for a whole hike or just part, you're laying the groundwork for a lifetime of outdoor adventures. Getting children used to hiking on their own or in a pack takes time and baby steps. Sometimes its hard to just get out the door (that's why I love leading the group... I have to & I need that extra fire under my butt). Sometimes it isn't worth the battle and we try again next week. Don't get discouraged if the first week doesn't go smoothly. Starting a new routine usually isn't easy, at least in my experience.

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