Wednesday, August 17, 2011

BOB Duallie Revolution Stroller

 BOB Duallie Revolution Stroller
Thanks to Rita for this Review

The BOB duallie revolution stroller was the best choice for my family’s active lifestyle. I began using the stroller immediately after the birth of my second child with the infant seat adapter bar. It is a large stroller but does fit in stores and through a standard doorway (just barely!), though it is a bit awkward to take shopping and in and out of small shops isn’t easy or recommended. I chose this over the front/back double strollers because I don’t think that either of my children would like being in a back seat where they wouldn’t be able to see the action.

The double BOB has a great division between the two seats so when there are two children in the stroller they are not pressed up against each other. This gives them their own space with their own separate sunshade to expand and retract as they wish. My son called it his ‘cave’ and loved to hide in it when we were out in the stroller. The car seat adapter bar has a snack tray attachment to use if desired, we had this attached on the side my son was seated, but we never actually used it, the water bottle holder isn’t large enough to hold a Klean Kanteen so he just kept it with him in the side pocket in the seat. It was occasionally used to hold rocks and sticks picked up along our walks. I love how I can push and turn the stroller easily with one hand on most surfaces. It is a smooth ride on most terrain with no complaints from kids or stroller operator. We outgrew the double BOB just recently when my son turned four, he is now just over three and a half feet tall and can still fit in the stroller, but his legs cross over onto his sister’s side and they kick each other often and he just looks too big to be in his ‘cave’. He doesn’t stay in the stroller for long and prefers to run or walk now.

My only dislike with the BOB is the undercarriage basket was very difficult to access. The basket is a decent size and holds enough gear that we needed on our outings, however getting items in and out of the basket is hard to do, the space to squeeze a diaper bag into the basket is small. Reaching in to grab a water bottle is easy, but an ergo or lunch bag is a bit harder and you have to stuff it in and really pull to get it out. This would not deter me from ever getting another BOB, it is a minor inconvenience and the pros offset this one con.

Something to consider with this stroller is its size: I drive a Honda Pilot and when the stroller is laying flat in the back of my car it takes up the entire cargo space. I usually drive with the stroller standing up on its side and secured so that it will not tip over.

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