Friday, August 5, 2011

Campbell Creek Trail from... Campbell Creek Park

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, you can almost hear the chorus of angels singing as the skies opened up and let the sun shine down us for our Trek yesterday morning. Not long after I returned home we were back to the rain we've been experiencing all week. As usual mother nature showed us her approval, and welcome the about 20 parents with their kids into the woods and on the trail for another wonderful hike with our friends. 
This week was a stroller friendly week, so we headed out on the Campbell Creek Trail from... you guess it, the Campbell Creek Park near the corner of Lake Otis & Tudor. This is a portion of the paved bike trail that weaves in and around Anchorage. It was recently added on to over the past year and now connects to the Chester Creek Trail. We traveled along on an old section and then along some of the newer connector route. We did not spot any wildlife on the trail. Typically you can see salmon in the creek, when looking from above on the many bridges, or moose, but nothing on this early August morning. Before and after the trek the kids played at the playground and some took a dip in the watering hole along the creek.

While some looped around to Elmore Rd and back to the park, the family that was going the same pace as me and my kiddo hit the Tudor overpass walkway and then retraced our steps back. Of course I did not turn my Garmin on when we left, but the full trip back was recorded. Double what you see on the map for accurate distance. Much of that was impressively done by these two toddlers on their own feet, with some stroller breaks in between.

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