Thursday, August 25, 2011

Powerline Pass Trail to the German Bridge

Sara & Joey on the German Bridge

The Trail
Powerline Pass trail from the Glen Alps parking lot heading West to the German Bridge is a wide flat trail. There's a mild rolling incline. It is perfect for jogging strollers. It parallels its namesake the powerline. It is a perfect trail for toddlers to trek on their own two feet. We were out for about 2 hours and it is definitely starting to feel like fall. I was bundled in a couple of layers with mittens and shed them as we began to move.

Beyond the Trail
Yeah it's about our kids getting outside. It's about modeling a healthy lifestyle and getting some exercise, but one of the most important benefits of this group is the parent conversation. Those "YES, I know exactly what you mean!" moments, when another parent relates a similar experience you've had and the relief that comes with feeling you aren't alone.

Alaska can be an isolating place with all its extremes. Many of us have our family or support systems thousands of miles away. Your friends are your family here. Some of the most amazing connections I've had with other people have been since I've become a parent. There's a wall that was torn down and I'm able to allow myself to be more vulnerable and open with others. I'm more willing to talk to the stranger next to me in the grocery line instead of just looking at my feet. Part of that is because having my child with me takes the focus, or perception off me.

My little bear allowed me a special treat today, that I haven't experienced in a while. He actually stayed in the stroller. He ate two bananas and two granola bars and then slept the rest of the way. I was actually able to hold a real complete conversation.

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