Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Schwinn Mack III - Bike Trailer/Jogging Stroller

Schwinn Mach III
Thanks to Lia for this Review!
I bought this stroller as it was on sale with free shipping from Amazon.  Overall, I have been happy with this stroller.  I use it behind the bike, for jogging and made skis for pulling behind me in the winter. (LINK ->
Here are the specs from Amazon:
-20” alloy wheels with quick release
-Converts to a jogging stroller with included 16” wheel
-Extra-wide aluminum frame
-Outrigger frame stabilizes and protects wheels
-Universal coupler attaches quickly and easily to bikes
-Zippered weather shield
-100 lb total child capacity; seats two
What I love -
It seats both kiddos comfortably without having them squished together.  It accommodates my tall 3 year old and his long legs easily.  There is ample room behind the seats for storage and carrying items to a picnic, beach or extra items for winter travel.  It also is big enough for me to wrap them in blankets for winter.   It is light and I easily lift it into and out of my car.  If you have the time and want to, it folds quite flat when the wheels are removed.  I can quickly move from biking to strolling and the arms for each activity fold and lock underneath the carriage.  There is a quick release mechanism for the bike arm making it easy to attach.  The top opens easily to get kiddos out of the stroller and has a zippered plastic panel to allow rain protection or air flow.  I can easy get out the piles of dirt, sticks and goldfish that accumulate on the bottom due to the velcro and strapping that hold the fabric shell together.  
Minor Issues -
The fabric is wearing through when the running handle attaches and on the top.  The plastic is quite brittle in sub zero temps.  The seat hammock doesn’t allow for helmet space and tips it forward a bit.  The seat is just a sling of fabric and not very “cushy”, but I often put a blanket underneath the kiddos.  The front wheel is fixed which some people don’t like for running.  The harness is very bare-bones and is hard to fit just right (I only used it a few times, when the kiddos were really young).  You have to fold it down and take off the wheel to make it flat and this takes longer than my single Bob stroller.  
I would buy this again in a heart beat.  It fits both of my kiddos and lets me push and pull them easily.  They weigh 70+ pounds and I can still run and not feel burdened.  I think that all strollers have their pluses and negatives, but this one wins out in the end with me!

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