Thursday, September 1, 2011

Eklutna Lake Trail

Leaving Anchorage and heading north the rain was spitting and the weather was looking like it could go either way. As I took the exit for Eklutna and made some progress up the winding road the sun was shining up ahead. The sun continued to follow us back home like a stray dog who desperately wants a home. While some were able to go farther then others due to their children's speed. The average of the group was somewhere around 4 miles.

This is a great stroller friendly trail! Though it isn't paved it is wide and flat, hugging the norther shore of the glacier blue lake. Many of the toddlers took their sweet time exploring. Throwing sticks & rocks, splashing in puddles and pushing their own strollers, all while snacking in between. Great conversations were had by parents and new connections formed. Alaska is a small world.

This stray sun has seemed to make a home over our house. I think we'll keep her and call her our own.

Here's the garmin data for one way of the out and back hike this morning on the Eklutna Lake Trail.

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