Thursday, September 15, 2011

Our Favorite Trail - Beach Lake Trail

This trail never fails us! Exactly a mile from the car, around the lake and out to the inlet the, no matter what time of the year, every step of the way is graced with a stellar view! I counted 29 parents and kids out this morning. Mid way we stopped and let the kids meander and snack. Many took the opportunity to throw rocks into the ocean. A gaggle of the larger toddlers did the entire 2 miles round trip on their own! Mine wanted to be carried the last 50 ft or so. He was tuckered out. There were some new faces today. The age range of the kids was a few weeks old to almost 4, now that the bigger kids are back in the throws of the busy school year. A few of us stopped to pick currants and high bush cranberries on the way back. They are still pretty tart as we haven't had a good frost yet to sweeten them up.

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