Thursday, September 29, 2011

Symphony Lake Trail - Eagle River, AK

We are in the midst of a spectacular fall. A string of gorgeous color streaked days has graced us. Today we experienced some rain on the drive to the trail head, but no rain on the trail. The rangers added a little adventure to our trek today. Typically there are a few slippery parts of the trail, but today the entire trail was on big squishy mud pit, thanks to the trail maintenance project that is currently going on. The trail will actually be closed starting on October 3rd through the rest of the month. It is a bit hairy on the way down, especially when carrying precious cargo. There were a total of 11 moms, 1 aunt, 2 dads and 15 kids on the trail. While some went a little furthers then others the average distance traveled was about 1.5 miles due to the slog. While the mud was mildly inconvenient for the adults it was the ultimate outdoor experience for the little trekkers. There was some joyful mud slinging and giggles while sliding about.

We were reminded this morning of how close winter is with a fresh dusting of snow on the peaks and frost on the ground. Mittens and snow caps were donned by many. As we get into the colder weather it is important that we all try to arrive on time and get going with in 15 minutes of the meetup time. The longer you wait with cold kids the bigger the chance of not heading out at all is. We know having kids means that isn't always possible to be on time, but it helps if everyone is ready to go at the same time.

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