Thursday, December 8, 2011

Chester Creek Trail from Tikishla Park

25 + = perfect temperature for a winter walk this morning. I'm really liking the 10:30 start time. Just that half hour during the winter gives us so much more light. There were 6 moms and 8 kiddos out today, with a combination of carrying in ergos, pushing stollers and pulling sleds. Some of the toddlers did their own trekking as usual. Mine fell asleep in the Chariot so I got in a good workout.

We were out for almost and hour and a half. Those of us who were moving faster probably covered about 4 miles. Not bad for walking in snow pushing strollers. We followed the Chester Creek trail, a paved multi-use bike trail that is groomed for x-country skiers during the winter. The group trekked from Tikishla Park and turned around before we hit the tunnel under Ingra. This section of the trail is flat, parallels Chester Creek and is lined with many little playgrounds and parks along the way. Some of the toddler trekkers stopped at one of them to get in a little play time.

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