Thursday, February 16, 2012

Winter Days Worth Waiting For

It was the kind of winter day we wait all season for: temps in the twenties, packed snow on the groomed trails. 6 parents and 9 kids hit the trail today. The skies were grey, but the sun was trying valiantly to break through the clouds on the horizon. It was totally light outside when I was packing the car up for the trek. No more days of leaving the house when it is still dark for a long while. We left the parking lot of Goose Lake around 10:45 and arrived back a little over an hour later, letting the mobile kiddos get out and play on the pirate ship equipment at the playground. Jumping of the plank is so much more fun when into the snow and the slide is super slick with a snowsuit on.


  1. Thank you again Trekkers, we had a fabulous time!

  2. This hike was just what I needed after being out of town for a few weeks. Warm weather and snowy trees always make me smile.