Sunday, April 1, 2012

Breakup is Upon Us and other News

The quintessential Breakup Boots - a true sign of spring in Alaska
Elsewhere in the world this season would be called "Spring." Here in Alaska, we call it "Breakup." The season when the packed snow in our driveways is breaking apart, you loose your shoes in the soft snow on the trails, and eventually the rivers start to move and the ice breaks apart. This year's Breakup season is one of beautiful and drastic change, which will take a little longer then most, after a record snowfall.

During this period we try to pick trails that are less mushy then others. Traditionally in May the bike trails are clear we return to our normal every other week is a true hiking trail and opposite weeks are stroller friendly trails. Let's keep our fingers crossed that that is true. Either way we'll roll with the punches and adjust plans accordingly.

My last hike for the season will likely be on the 12th for the Anniversary Trek, as I'm due to have our second soon very soon after. A huge thank you to those members who have stepped up to the plate and are guest hosting for me! Very soon after we have this new little bear cub, we are heading to Kodiak as a family for the summer. Amanda will be taking over  during my absence. If you have any questions or trail suggestions you can email her. Otherwise I'll see you all in the fall! I'll do a couple of posts over the summer about hiking trails on the island, but am hoping to stay off the grid for the most part.

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