Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kincaid Park: Jodphur entrance

Today's hike presented great lessons in flexibility and being spontaneous. The hikers today definitely made lemonade out of a few neon lemons we encountered in the parking lot:

Rather than chance having walkers run into said moose, the walking contingent opted to go down the main road to the motor cross track and onto the sand dunes. A smaller baby-wearing only contingent braved a small portion of the trail and remained unscathed. Safety first!

The sunny skies brought out a large group of parents and kiddos; a great mixed group of newer group parents and those that have been with us for a while. It is always a pleasure to have a good conversation with others, and for people to bring friends for hikes.

Kiddos enjoyed the large pond in the middle of the motorcross track (pre-bike arrival), and running up and down the sand dunes. Parents had wee picnics, chatted and intercepted little ones running for the bluff.

A large area of bird nests were located on top of the sand dunes. We could have watched them all day!

On the way back to the cars, a large group of motor cross participants arrived and put on a show for us. Actually, they were likely surprised to have an audience. Fortunately or unfortunately, I think some of the little guys and gals may want a few loud toys for birthdays and holidays.

 Many thanks to all who attended today. What a wonderful morning in the sunshine!

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  1. A group of us went up and over the sand dunes. The parents got to talk for an hour as the kiddos played down in the trees! Bliss!