Thursday, March 7, 2013

Coastal Trail from Earthquake Park & Winter Transportaion

Today we hit the Tony Knowls Coastal Trail from Earthquake Park. At the parking lot to the trailhead there was a mama and baby moose waiting to greet us, munching on some alder shoots in front of a stunning inlet view of Mt. Susitna (The Sleeping Lady) and downtown Anchorage, with the Chugach Mountains looming behind her. One of the infamous postcard picture vantage points of our fair city. There were about 9 or 10 parents and about twice as many kids.

Our theme for conversation along the trail was winter modes of transportation. I couldn't have planned it if I had tried for the trail groomer on his snowmachine to go by just as we were talking about it. There was also a couple skijoring with their husky, some classic and skate cross country skiers and of course many of our kids in sleds. For you East Coasters a snow machine is the same as a snowmobile... but don't call it that here. Instead you can call it a snowgo or simply a sled, especially out in the more remote communities where they are the primary means of transportation.

Some parents made it out for an hour and a half this morning while some turned back rather quickly. Kids don't always have the same agenda as us parents. Please try us again if your munchkins were not feeling it today.

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