Thursday, April 25, 2013

Snow Geese & the Potter Marsh Boardwalk

It was a phenomenal morning at the Potter Marsh Boardwalk! There was a golden eagle, a moose, Canada geese, some turns, snow geese, and the train went by! It seemed at first like we had missed the geese, but just when I had lost hope of seeing them a huge flock flew in and landed just feet away!

The board walk is a fantastic place to let little people roam and run as it is a long expanse of fenced in decking! We forgot to bring out binoculars today, so remember to take yours when you go next! It can be windy down there too, so always bring an extra layer just in case.

It was wonderful to see a lot of new faces when we introduced ourselves at the beginning and along the boardwalk! There were at least 20 parents with twice as many kiddos!

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