Monday, May 20, 2013

Spring Brings Change

Still one of my favorites from over the past three years. My oldest w/ Lia's

Dear Outdoor Families,

It is with a mix of excitement and sadness that I am announcing that I will be stepping down from my post as President of the Anchorage Outdoor Family Network at the end of June. My family and I will be moving to Juneau. Founding AOFN and Taiga Trekkers, aside from marrying my husband and having my two boys, is my proudest accomplishment. In creating this organization I found a place where all my passions converged and I discovered strengths I didn't know I had. It also provided me the opportunity to team up with two amazing mamas and friends - Lia and Amanda.

It is my great hope that AOFN will continue to make resources accessible for parents and that it remains a vehicle to empower families to network and share a love of nature and time spent with each other.

The sanity gained by walking and talking with other moms and dads down the trail, hearing their stories and knowing I am not alone in the challenges I encounter as a parent, has been absolutely invaluable to me. So many ideas and lessons I've learned from you all. The love and support we experienced when our second child was born this past year, blew us away! The friendships my children have made are deeply, deeply treasured. We will think of you all fondly as we discover the beaches and trails of the Southeast, and as I continue to work towards being a mindful and present mama for my boys. If you have never made it to Juneau, you must put it on your family's outdoor bucket list and look us up!

I will help transition everything over to Lia's hands as the new president. I will be taking Taiga Trekkers with me to Juneau. Please let Lia or myself know if any of you would like to start your own hiking group. Our last Trek will be Thursday, June 13th. Click here to RSVP and find out the location. We will be Trekking every Thursday till then.

Who knows... maybe I'll start the Southeast chapter, as I did here and in Kodiak and we'll connect them under the umbrella of the Alaska Outdoor Family Network, but for now I'm looking forward to letting go of some of the responsibilities and fully focusing on my family. I'm also eager to be in the heart of where policy making happens for our state, as it has been my dream for a long time to eventually be part of that process and serve as a voice for both Title 1 teachers and outdoor education.  

Thank You!

Happy Trails!


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