Thursday, October 7, 2010

Goose Lake & UAA Trails

What a great turnout and some wonderful new faces! Thanks Claire for bringing the coffee and Jamie for your knowledge of this trail system! Lots of great parental conversation and networking happening, all while getting healthy exercise in the great outdoors! There is a great playground where the toddlers were able to let off some steam and play, hopefully making some quite rides home and some nap times well earned.

In response to our article/pictures in the ADN this week there is some concern in the community about us following the rules of the trail/road. I feel we are all very cognizant and courteous to other trail users, but it warrants a reminder, as we often get caught up in our engaging conversations. We need to walk  2 deep, or make sure there is passing room and always be on the look out for other trail users. We will not tell you what to do but highly suggest if our K9 kids come they stay on a leash as muni laws require it. I don't want to be heavy handed. I think we are already very respectful of each other and trail users outside our group.

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