Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Battle for Beauty

It seems on this phenomenal Winter Solstice morning the Sun and the Moon on opposite sides of the sky were competing to see who could outdo each other in sparkle. Moon, after last nights spectacular lunar eclipse, was not done with her performance. As she set in the north west and grew as she dropped down below the horizon behind mount Susitna, the Sleeping Landy, she gleamed. While the sun was busy throwing warm radiating tones of pink, orange and yellow as it rose to the southeast over the Chugach Mountains!

Winter Solstice marks an important event in the Alaskan Calender. It is the shortest day. Tomorrow we begin welcoming her back a little more each day until we hit the Summer Solstice in June, the longest day of the year.

Today in Anchorage the sun rose at 10:14 AM and will set at 3:42 PM.

Our sister group Skedaddle met today at Balto Seppala park named after Leonard Seppala’s dog Balto, who was a sled dog in the teams who ran diptheria serum to Nome in the run that inspired the Iditarod Race. The park is dominated by a great big sledding hill, atop which we witnessed the great glorious showdown between the Moon & the Sun.

It read a chilly 9 degrees in one parent's truck. The winter vacation from school brought out a wonderful new family to meet and some regulars. My little bear wasn't so into the sledding today. We made one run but the  powdery snow blowing in his face at the bottom was a little too much sensory input for him. It is always great to see parents having as much fun as the kids! You can find out more about Skeddadle by going to the blog, http://www.skedaddlekids.blogspot.com/, RSVP to next week's outdoor playdate and find out more local outdoor activities at the Anchorage Outdoor Family Network

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