Saturday, December 18, 2010

Beach Lake Trail

Despite single digit temps we had brave parents with well dressed kiddos hit the trail! Alaskans look forward to winter and the freezing of lakes and rivers. In the bush communities the river literally becomes a highway connecting villages that are very remote to one another. Yes people actually drive there cars on the frozen rivers, along with snow machines and ATVs. Beach lake, while far from a major thoroughfare, is so much more fun in the winter. Ice fishing, skating, x-country skiing, and just the simple fact that is a great wide open place to run and play make it an exciting place to be. The trail itself winds around the lake (or straight across in the winter) and drops down on a sand beach that looks out at the Talkeetna Mountains and back at the Chugach mountains.

My little bear and I did not participate in this week's hike due to a cold, second year molars and a visiting uncle that have thrown our sleep schedule way off track. We were back in bed for a nap while the other parents and munchkins were just hitting the trails. We did make sure to get out later in the day for some well needed fresh air.

Thanks to Michele for providing the great photos!

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