Thursday, January 13, 2011

Earthquake Park and the Coastal Trail

There's nothing more frustrating the a technology failure... you know it is cold out when the battery power of your camera is sapped and takes out your memory card when it turns itself off. Of all days to loose the photos too! I'll do my best to describe the morning in words...

Though the Lia's truck read 13 degrees F,  at the parking lot, it felt a lot colder then that. Until we started moving my cheeks were numb. My little bear and many other kiddos were bundled up in their strollers and pulks with the weather shields up. Some were worn in Ergos and one little munchkin was serenely sleeping in her car seat nestled into a sled pulled by her mom.  One mama found that you can take the Chariot skis and attach them to her BOB stroller (we will make sure to get a picture of that!) Another little boy was snuggled up in a beautiful Brio (maker of Thomas the Train) pram that looked almost to have tundra tires (again a picture will be forthcoming).

Many mamas wore their insulated SKHoop skirts out of shear neccessity, but also we took a beautiful picture of the group with Anchorage still twinkling with her morning lights on with both the Chugach and Talkeetna mountains behind Cook Inlet. Mt. Susitna, Denali and Foraker were all visible and basking in the pink light of an amazing sunrise. Over the Chugach to the Southeast the sun peaked over with a warm peach tone. Here in Anchorage the sun peaks over the mountains just after 10 am this time of year.

As we hiked along the coastal trail we warmed up and the usual conversation about children and life with them occurred between the 20 parents I counted, while many of the 21 children dozed or took in the gorgeous scenery. The chunky silty frozen ice of the inlet looked like the surface of a distant planet.

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