Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Trekking with Twins

By Anna Straka
Getting out in all seasons has always been an important part of our lives, so when my husband and I were expecting we knew we would have to make some adjustments to do the things we have done in the past without a second thought.  When we found out we were expecting twins I seriously considered if it would be possible at all. I knew weekends my husband and I could make it happen, but I wasn't so sure about during the week when I would be home alone all day. I knew getting out would be paramount in my happiness and success as an at home mom so I started day dreaming and "planning" how to make it work.
It has been a series of trial and error hikes, walks, bike rides and ski trips...some as short as 15mins. While it is definitely easier with both mom and dad, some of my best memories of the summer my twins were born are out and about without the help of dad. It has required a bit more "equipment" than is probably necessary with one child but we have tried to buy used where we could and that has helped a lot.
Getting out with two is all about planning and being flexible! I always try to plan for a successful outing but when teething or an inexplicably grumpy baby gets in the way, I turn around and go home. Usually when I am packing everything up and loading the babies into car seats, carriers or the stroller there is a lot of crying, but as soon as we get there and get going, all is well and the babies calm down. Realizing that gets me out the door when it seems like complete chaos. I have a rule that once moving be it hiking, biking or skiing if they aren't calm within 5 minutes I will turn around and go home. That has rarely ever happened. It is supposed to be fun and even therapeutic for you and when it isn't working there is no sense in forcing it, no one will enjoy themselves that way.
As far as actually transporting two on your little adventure goes, I started to write a brief description of the things I have tried and which worked best for me when I realized just how lengthy this could get. So to try to keep it a little shorter maybe I will try a list format.
  • Two Baby Bjorns on the front-only works with small babies
  • Moby Wrap-can be used in many ways for one or two babies, check for how to videos
  • Ergo style carrier on back & Bjorn/MobyWrap/Ergo on front (heavier baby goes on the back)
  • I have lately used a child carrier pack and put both babies front to back in it...heavy but it works if a stroller just won't do where you are going.
  • Any of these can be used for children close in age just keep the larger child on your back.
  • A good trail rated stroller for your older child and a carrier of your choice for your younger child would work great too.
I am absolutely certain that feeling capable of getting out makes me a happier mom! I would encourage all moms to give it a try, you will quickly learn what works for you and what doesn't, and Taiga Trekkers is such a supportive place to give it a first try. Good luck getting outside and hopefully I will be joining the Taiga Trekkers more frequently!

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