Monday, January 24, 2011

The Real "Skhoop" - Mini SKHoop Review

By Sara Hodge

When I moved to Alaska a couple of years ago, I saw a few women wearing the Skhoop insulated skirt during the cold winter months.  I was really curious as to why women would wear this garment.  Why would someone wear a skirt over their pants?  Did this skirt really keep the person warm or was it more of a fashion statement?  What was the point of this skirt? 

I really didn't think about this subject again, until I had a baby and joined a parent and baby hiking group where a lot of the mama's sported these little skirts.   I was given the opportunity to try out the mini-insulated Skhoop skirt on one of our hikes.  The temperatures were in the teens that day.  I still didn't really think that this mini Skhoop would help keep me warm at all, especially since I had noticed most mamas wearing the Original or Heidi Skhoop.  However, I was quickly proven wrong!  I was so warm wearing the mini!  A lot of times my upper thighs and butt would get chilly on outdoor adventures.  The mini Skhoop completely remedied this situation!  By the end of the hike, these two problem areas were nice and toasty!  I also really enjoyed the free range of motion with the mini!  Since the skirt is so short, most of the leg is not restrained be the skirt.

The only problem I had with the mini was that the area on my thighs that fell right below the mini's hemline was cold.  However, I think using the Heidi Skhoop probably would have solved this problem.

I really enjoyed this skirt on hikes, but how would it hold up doing an acitvity a little more vigorous than hiking, such as cross country skiing?  The answer is perfectly!  The mini Skhoop was really nice for this sport!  Since the mini already gives a complete range of motion, cross country skiing in the mini was no problem at all!  Even if you have a very long gait or stride, the mini comes equipped with a zipper in the back, so if you need a little more "room", just unzip the slit!.  I was wondering what the point of the zipper "slit" was until I skiied.

I would definitely recommend the mini Skhoop to all of my friends.  After I had borrowed the mini, I was wishing I owned the insulated skirt the next day as I was walking around my neighborhood in blue jeans!  The mini would have been perfect over my jeans!  Fortunately, I am now the proud owner of the mini Skhoop, so I do not have to wish anymore!  I am super happy that this is part of my Alaskan winter gear!

Stay tuned - we'll have reviews in the near future of the full and mid length SKHoops from other Taiga Trekker mamas.

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