Monday, January 24, 2011

Who Says Skis are Just for Chariots

Photo by Sara H.
A hybrid of sorts - Sara L. has solved a dilemma many BOB stroller owners have faced... ski envy. While Alison was out of town, she borrowed her Chariot, she and her husband looked at both her BOB stroller and the Chariot and noticed the skis on the Chariot and the wheels on the BOB were attached with the same quick release system. She tried the ski attachment on her jogging stroller and voila she now had a skiing stroller!

While the Chariot ski attachment is rather pricey they have huge resale value and are always being sought after on craigslist. Now you don't have to regret purchasing a BOB instead. I don't believe she's tried rigging it up to pull behind her like a pulk, but it has made the snowy winter trails even easier to push her little man on, in his warm toasty bundle with the weather shield down.

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