Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Tank Trail

We took the Tank Trail today, in the Far North Bicentennial Park off Campbell Airstrip Rd. It was a great wide trail and the perfect length for hiking with little ones. I'd say we did about 3 miles round trip. The fresh coat of snow made it slightly more challenging for the strollers, but still totally doable with that mode of transportation.

I counted about 30 kids, mamas & papas combined. We had 2 new mamas join with brand new 8 week old babies. How wonderful to see them getting their endorphins going and introducing their little ones to a life of outdoor adventures and healthy living so early on. Hiking with your infants is a great way to beat both the baby blues and the winter blues, which compounded and left unchecked can be a miserable combo.

A huge thank you to Lia for taking the photos of today's Trek! You are a life saver!

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