Monday, March 28, 2011

Chaos Creations Giveaway!

Brenda, one of our wonderful mamas, has created a delightful little home business, Chaos Creations! She creates & sells items such as handmade jewelry and the most adorable elfin hats, made out of eco-chic, up-cycled recycled sweaters. To put icing on the cake - by supporting her business you not only support a environmentally friendly retailer, but a local one too!

She will give away the elfin hat of your choice by following the giveaway rules...

Rules for giveaway entries:
  1. Must live in Alaska, or be able to pick up the hat at an Anchorage Outdoor Family Network event, such as Skeedaddle or Taiga Trekkers.
  2. You get one entry for liking Chaos Creations on Facebook.
  3. You get one entry for describing the hat you like most from either the Chaos Creations Etsy page or the Facebook page, here in the comments section under this blog entry.
  4. You can earn a bonus entry for enumerating the ways buying local is beneficial in the comment section below as well.
  5. Entries must be in by midnight April 6th, 2011.


  1. Ahhh, yes, we love all of the hats, but the leaves are our favorites! Specifically the blue leaves, which is funny, because Scout's colors are orange and green...but the blue ones strike our fancy this time around! And as for why buying local is beneficial, oh let me count the ways! Whether it be from supporting your neighbor to taking the reins away from the middlemen to watching your local product be made/grown/etc., it is always ideal to buy local. Unfortunately, in today's age, it isn't always possible, but it is certainly ideal. ~Scout and Allana :)
    (Oops, I already liked the Chaos Creations page on Facebook when it first opened! Does that still count for an entry?! *wink*)

  2. I love the Chaos Creations Etsy page and the posts on Facebook. I've already ordered a couple of hats! Sorry to say I won't be in the area, so I will not be able to be included in the competion, but I know that all of my grandchildren will love your creativity!

  3. I love the elfin hat that looks like an argyle sock - red, purple, green and orange diamonds:) Very talented!

    As for buying local, I think that's a pretty easy sell in Alaska. Unless you want to pay a fortune for cheap stuff to be shipped in (anything from bookshelfs to bruised oranges), buying local is the only way to make sure we can get quality goods at affordable prices:)

    -Alisha, aka Jason's wife

  4. Scout & Allana you have won! Congrats!