Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Fever

While the snow is slowly but surely melting from the trail, the anticipation of summer has me downright giddy! All the trail we can trek in the summer are numerous... some old trails and some new. I love seeing the same trail change with the seasons as much as I like tackling a new one. Some that are on the docket and just waiting for the right conditions are:

  • Twin Peaks Trail, Eklutna
  • Thunder Bird Falls, Peters Creek
  • Turnagain Pass Trail
  • Bird to Gird
  • Winner Creek Trail, Girdwood
  • Byron Glacier Trail
  • Powerline Pass
  • Chester Creek Trail
  • Arctic Valley
  • Symphony Lake Trail
  • Of course we have to do Beach Lake Trail
  • Upper Huffman 
  • Rabbit Creek
We love new trail suggestions! Feel free to email them.

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