Thursday, March 10, 2011

North Fork Eagle River

What a spectacular morning trek we had today. I had to check and recheck my watch thinking I was running late the sun was so high in the sky. 10 years, a whole decade, and I can't get used to the drastic change in daylight this time of year. We are getting closer and closer to the longest day of the year. We gained 5 minutes 44 seconds of daylight over yesterday. That is roughly 42 minutes more of sunlight this week over last week.

We hiked on the north fork of the Eagle River today for about an hour. Its always fun to do a hike like today's knowing that you can only do it seasonally, as the river isn't always frozen solid. In Alaska, especially in the remote areas rivers, when frozen, literally become highways (people drive their cars on them) between the remote bush village that are not connected by roads. Today's river of course is not wide enough to take a vehicle as large as a car on and there actually is a road that runs along it, but it is novel anyhow.

There were some new parents and kids that joined today as well. Seeing parents outdoors introducing their little ones to a healthy lifestyle that not only reflects being physically active but respectful of nature and all it has to offer is inspiring.

After hiking a bunch of us met up at Jitters Cafe for lunch. It always nice to see how much all the little ones have grown when they aren't all bundled up and dwarfed by their winter gear. We have truly formed a wonderfully supportive and fun group of parents and children.

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