Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hillside Park x-country trails... in the rain

This was an epic morning for a hike, my fellow trekkers. I knew it was going to be a good day when a Mama moose and her two little ones greeted me while I was loading up the car.

(as seen from Amanda's driveway)

Surely a sign that one must be out hiking, eh?

It started out grey and sprinkling rain. 7 mamas and 10 kiddos set out on the trail anyway. Three little guys went on their own power, and the rest rode in style in strollers  with weather covers. Just going out in the rain to hike is already a hard-core thing to do. Everyone was in good spirits walking in the drizzling, and sometimes pouring, rain.

If you have not frequented the Hillside x-country trails in the summer, it is a fantastic workout. It is located on the top of Abbott Road, right next to the Hillside ski area (trails are behind the "Hillside park" sign). There are undulating hills of all shapes and sizes. We stuck to the lighted Hillside loop, but there is a longer Service loop if you are so inclined. I personally need to re-acclimate myself to the trails now that there is no longer skis and snow to worry on.

We walked about 3.5 miles total when all things were said and done. Puddles were stomped in. Mud was rampant. Laughter was abundant.

Nothing like a solid hike and workout on a rainy day.

Thanks much for contributing to one heck of a hike!

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