Thursday, May 17, 2012

Westchester Lagoon

 If this morning was not indicative of Summer's fast approach, I don't know what is! The sky was without a cloud, the sun was shining, and it was a balmy 55 degrees F. You simply cannot get better than that.

A good number of parents and kiddos perused the Coastal Trail from Westchester Lagoon this morning. We were not one of them, as my little guy decided to stay and enjoy the park. Either way, being outside was what was important. For those that did hit the actual trail, it is very stroller friendly. Toddlers can also go on their own power, but be mindful of the many other users on the path (bikers, joggers). On a sunny day like today, it is hard to beat the mountain views, waterfowl and lake vista.

Many parents and kiddos met up at the playground post hike. This is definitely one conundrum of a playground! While very obviously for the older crowd for the most part, toddlers and bigger kiddos can have just as much fun. Half of the enjoyment is trying to figure out how to use said equipment!
There are many challenging climbs....

Of all shapes and sizes!

And even a suspended teeter-totter! (Enjoyable for adults and kiddos).

  Best of luck to all the Mamas participating in this Sunday's 30th Gold Nugget Triathlon! If you are not participating, go and cheer on some of your compatriots!

See you next week. Many thank you's to Lisa for guest hosting today!

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