Thursday, May 10, 2012

Prospect Heights Trailhead

What a great morning! We had sunshine, we had drizzle, we had snow. Yes, snow at the very end.  Needless to say, no one was sure exactly what to wear when we arrived.

Lia wrote a fantastic review of the hike. We had many new faces that were wonderful to get to know. At least 10 Mamas, and 11 kiddos were ready to roll.

While the trail conditions were still a bit mucky (and snowy!) in places, a good hunk of the group made it to the bridge and creek. The trail after that was a solid stream of mud water, so we decided to turn back. Many toddlers made it that far using their own leg power-- so more power to them!

Bear spray was a well-worn accessory here, as it is quite wooded. On a clear day it affords some spectacular views of Denali and the Anchorage bowl. For today, we had illuminating conversation and looking to find good footing.

After the hike a group of us stayed in the large parking area and let the kiddos run more and explore. There is nothing like happy faces post hike to make the uncertain weather worth it.

Thanks much to all who attended!

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