Thursday, June 28, 2012

Eklutna Lake

It is always a gamble to go out of town when it raining in Anchorage-- will it be the same or better? Lucky for us, the closer we got to the lake, the better the weather appeared. Yes, it was still cloudy; however, the cloud cover was hauntingly enchanting. If that helps at all.

The recent  rainfall did not daunt the 10 parents and kiddos that came to trek this morning. It was great to see some new faces as well! Our plan was to do the Eklutna lake trail--- a pebbly, relatively flat trail that goes around the lake. Very toddler and stroller friendly even with the copious puddles!

While we started out in a large pack, the puddles quickly drew the walkers off to explore.

Two little guys decided they would rather go back to the lake rather than walk around it. The rest of the group continued on for a half mile or so before they too were lost to puddles and playtime.

As is always, it is not about the destination, but the kids enjoying the outside and exploring. Explore they did indeed!

Times like this require us all to be in the moment and be happy of water proof shoes and boots. Or be thankful for remembering  that change of clothes or rainsuit.

 Thank you for all who came to trek with us! Cloudy or no, so many beautiful sights to behold.

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