Thursday, June 21, 2012

Point Woronzoff

If you don't mind a bit of airplane traffic, this is a great trail.  We hopped onto the Coastal Trail at Point Woronzoff (at the far end of Northern Lights).  This paved and well frequented trail will take you all the way to downtown or to Kincaid Park.  We headed towards Kincaid for a different bit of scenery. 
 It is gorgeous through the huge trees.  Keep aware for the bikers zooming down this path though!  While you are at it, keep your eyes open for the moose as well.  One group saw a large moose and heard a little one behind it. 

 There are wonderful stopping points along the trail where the trees open up so you can see the inlet.  There are benches and perfect spots for little kiddos to stretch their legs. 
 Our group set off with a wide range of ages with umbrella strollers, bikes, jogging strollers, little babies in packs and other kiddos running.
 While there were a number of regulars, it was nice to meet some new parents.  I didn't get a chance to talk to some of them as they were fast!  I was with the toddler walking group and brought up the rear!
The kids had a great time near the little pond in the huge grasses after the hike.  They said they were making "mazes".  The parents all agreed that it is fantastic to not worry about ticks, chiggers or snakes as their kiddos played in the underbrush!

I hope you join us next week for a hike!

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