Thursday, June 14, 2012

Smokejumper Trailhead/Campbell Tract

The clouds parted for a while to give us some sunshine this morning. 12 families set out on an adventure on the trail with many kiddo hikers. There were even two mamas with strollers who braved the uncertain trail conditions!

As was to be expected, there were many of Alaska's state birds on the trail with us--- mosquitoes! All the natural bug repellent in the world could not get them away from us. So the group opted to bail on the small wooded Moose Track trail in favor of the pebbled wide road trail that connects with Abbott Loop.

Insect repellent: Very utilized!

We had a wonderful cow moose sighting along the way which energized all the wee ones. Wildlife sightings are always such a treat--- especially when they are at a safe distance.

This moose didn't pay us any mind; the best kind!

 Many puddles were stomped along the way. We were even given a treat of a bubbling brook under a bridge.

After heading to the Abbott Loop trailhead, we ventured down the Elmore Rd bike path to keep the mosquitoes away. The combination of wind and cars whirring by saved our skin for the last part of the walk.

The group almost went 2.6 miles total! Quite a good walk for those kiddos who did the whole thing themselves!

 Thank you again for a wonderful morning. See you next week!

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