Thursday, July 26, 2012

Our Cousins Across the Pond

Jamie on the Symphony Lake Trail 2010
Many of you may remember Jamie from our first year of trekking together. She and her family moved to Scotland and their presence has been missed. She told us they'll be back though... they didn't sell their house here in Anchorage.

Since their move, their family has grown with the addition of a second son and for the past year she's been running a family walking group similar to Trekkers. She also recently started an outdoor playgroup like Skedaddle. Here are some pictures she's sent of our cousin group's adventures from the other side of the world... what Trekkers might look like in the UK. I love the one her son took from the seat of their chariot and the idea for a Teddy Bear Picnic is a grand one!

Looking for slugs

View of the trail from the Chariot

Snack time

Teddy bear picnic

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