Thursday, July 26, 2012

Spencer Loop

It was another positively phenomenal day for hiking; great times for all! 14 families set out to do part or all of the Spencer Loop trail, which is a 5k ski trail.


 I don't know what it is about this area, but I think that doing these trails in the summer is fun and a different challenge. Things look so completely different without tracks and snow and it affords a different perspective on the landscape. Nothing looks the same when there is grass taller than you are on either side of the trail!

There are two main ways to get to Spencer Loop--- the Hillside Ski Area or the South Blvouac trailhead. We started at Hillside as it is a short jaunt to get there.

 You have many options here on multi-use trails. Given the number of strollers in our group, we stayed on the Gasline trail and then turned into the upper Spencer Loop. The group quickly broke up into a few subgroups of mostly strollers and those with toddler walkers.

 Instead of heading straight to the South Bvlouac trailhead (over the bridge) we bore right to stay on Spencer Loop. The kiddos were excited to see the south fork of Campbell creek either way!

Most of the hike is on heavily wooded trails with tall grasses and trees on either side. There are trail markers along the way, though none definitively say that you are at a specific point. Most of the group went a little over 2 miles. Others decided to use the cut off trail to complete a smaller loop.

Many puddles and mud were romped in along the way. Thank goodness this was right before the cars.

Post hike, many parents and kiddos stayed in the parking area for a mini-picnic. The sunshine made everyone want to stay as long as possible. Let's hope this weather streak continues.

Please join us next week. Check meetup for details.

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