Thursday, July 19, 2012

Arctic Valley- Rendezvous Peak

Hiking in Alaska on a sunny day is amazing. Hiking above the treeline on a sunny day? Beyond measure. Today, four families hiked in Arctic Valley on the Rendezvous Peak trail. Across the small gorge we were spotted by one AOFN Mother and her Mother hiking sans kiddos. We even ran into the Eagle River Dad's group, which was quite fun for all. We discussed some trail action in Eagle River in the future as all the kiddos got along so well. Hiking in Alaska forges connections wherever you go!

Arctic Valley is always a favorite of mine, particularly on a day like today. From Anchorage it is a fairly short drive off of Arctic Valley Road and on up to the Arctic Valley ski area. Plants and flowers are abundant as is wildlife, streams and a plethora of hiking options.

 The only way to go is up-- so up we went. The kiddos took turns riding versus hiking,  stopping for snacks and to throw rocks and to take in scenery.

There is a bridge that crosses over the main stream at the beginning of the hike; there is also a cross over later in the trail. We turned around before this point to ensure we had smooth sailing the rest of the way down.

After hiking up past a large area to stop for a break, we decided to hike back down for lunch. The kids had a ball watching some older kids running up and down the hill and enjoying some lovely sugar snap peas!

After heading back down it was a must to stop at the stream yet again and dip our toes in (and throw some rocks).

Sitting on rocks in the gentle stream while basking in sunshine is my idea of a wonderful morning.

Obviously, this person was taking advantage of the nice weather and wind as well.

Please join us again next week. Hopefully we will have another "scorcher" of a day!

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  1. Wow, what a nice day! This is Ben from the Eagle River Dad's club. Always a good time hooking up with the AOFN. Looking forward to more.