Thursday, July 12, 2012

Russian Jack Trails

 About 20 of us set out from East High School on this Thursday's Trek.  It was quite grey and overcast, but everyone seemed to have a smile on their face.  It was a sort of "choose your own adventure" walk as there are so many trail options in Russian Jack.  I left little chalk markers, just in case anyone got lost on the way back!

It seems that we have many more boys than girls in the group right now.  Two babies in utero joined us and one of those is a confirmed girl!  

 Some children rode in the their strollers to avoid the rain and mosquitoes.  Other kiddos ran, walked, rode on shoulders or biked. 

This trail system wanders through the trees and crosses over little streams.  It is a wonderful place to explore with children.  Bring bug spray and stay to the right on the trails as this is a place frequented by bikers.  

 I hope you join us next week.  We always have all speeds and levels of fitness on these hikes and walks.  If you have a favorite trail, please email us through the site or our facebook page.

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