Thursday, August 9, 2012

Beach Lake

Every time we go to Beach Lake, I am reminded of why it is one of our favorite spots! The trail by the lodge gives you the best of both worlds-- hiking by a gorgeous lake, and then mud and the inlet at  the end. Bonus for kiddos and adults!

8 families joined us on this spectacular summer day, and mother nature smiled on us. The sun was out, the sky was blue, and everyone was ready to roll.

If you haven't hiked this trail before, it is a great one for toddlers.

There are narrow spots that are not stroller friendly, so it is best to wear your kiddos or let them walk it out. It is a little over a mile each way, which ends up being a fairly nice jaunt by day's end.

The trail follows along the lake for a while, then branches into a wider tree and brush lined trail. After turning left at a large clearing onto well-trodded trail, down a hill into some muddy areas, you take a small trail to the left to get to the inlet. Today we noticed that the trail was blocked by a felled tree. You will see a cross memorial at the end of this short trail-- turn right and walk along the bluff for about .4 miles. There will be a less steep area to climb down to get into the beach at the inlet.

Those that made it to the inlet had a blast in the silty mud. Kiddos romped, adults sunned, and some stayed on the bluff to see it all.

We could have stayed all day!

Toddler beach time.

This wee creature came out of the mud by the Inlet--- this loving Mama decided to keep him.

Completely unintentional 'evolution-eque' picture.

Perfect picnic.

Picture perfect day.

Join us next week!

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