Thursday, August 16, 2012

Kincaid Trails Mosey

 I have to admit that as I sat in my car at Kincaid with the rain pounding on the roof, I sort of hoped no one else would show up for the hike.  Two other people pulled into the lot and the rain magically stopped.  It never returned!
 After a vote, we decided to meander along the trails.  Thank goodness it wasn't winter....
 Two little babes, three parents and three toddlers walked down the paths.  It wasn't the quickest or longest hike, but it was so nice to just take our time and talk.
 We even found some raspberries along the path.  The kiddos quickly munched them down.
 This new addition to our group was a good sport and didn't mind our snail's pace.
 Everyone seemed to have fun in there own way.  G helped his mom push the stroller!
 My older son took some pictures.  Not too bad?
 We walked up the path and over the bridge.  The boys all trip-trapped and I was glad there was no troll underneath.  It turned into a sunny day and some of the kids played at the park in the sun!  I hope you join us next week!  -Lia

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