Thursday, September 20, 2012

Abbott Loop in the Rain!

 (Write up by Lia)

 I was happy to see six other families suit up their kids, pull on rain coats and set out in the rain from Abbott Loop.  We all agreed that we had to get out of the house.  It seems that our personalities are not suited to being cooped up inside!  The rain was really heavy, but it felt pretty warm.
 Most of the children were walkers and the pace was quite slow.  They ran through the puddles and not one fell down!
 The trail does have a few trees blocking the path.  Our group did the limbo to get under this one, but the strollers were blocked by another one down the path a bit.  There are huge trees over in the woods with the roots exposed. 
 The children all loved the huge lake that forms with rain and at break up.  Some fished and others watched the duck family paddling around.  Not one child said they were wet and hated the rain.  I love that.
The pace was slow today, but other days a contingent of packed kiddos forge ahead.  All paces are welcome and encouraged on the treks! 

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